About Us

MBA Fakhro Group is a Bahrain headquartered group that founds and grows wholly owned businesses across the globe across nine different business segments, through our regional offices located in Bahrain (Covering the Middle East), Kerala, India (Covering South Asia), Silicon Valley, California, USA (Covering the Americas), Shenzhen, China (Covering South East Asia, the CIS, Russia, Australia, and Japan), Cape Town, South Africa (Covering Africa), and in Cambridge, England (Covering the United Kingdom & European Union). We also operate smaller offices within each region that report to their respective business segments and/or regional offices.

MBA Fakhro Group is an innovation focused multinational group. Our focus is on technological progress and on developing our own proprietary inventions and innovations through our R&D labs around the world. We have founded and own multiple businesses around the globe in fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, biotech, business automation software, fintech, electric cars, drones, websites, apps, greentech and internet of things. In addition to this, we also found franchises or distribute or implement products for global franchisors and manufacturers in fields that do not utilize our R&D efforts. These endeavors include companies we own in areas such as education, health, hospitality, and trading.

Our primary focus is on profits, but we aim to achieve these profits primarily in ways that contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world. Our Research and Development labs are constantly at work around the world to find inventions and innovations that contribute to making the world a better place. We do not engage in activities that we view as being unethical, immoral, illegal, or harmful to our fellow human beings.

If an invention or innovation that we devise shows promise, or if we feel a franchise or trading relationship meets our criteria in terms of business philosophy and return on investment, then we form a wholly owned subsidiary company to own the rights to the proprietary information, and recruit a great team to make the business a success.

MBA Fakhro Group is owned by Mo Fakhro, a Stanford graduate (pictured above).